Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday was Epic (AD)

Shopping spree with Folts, the Make A Wish lady Beth was very nice and the owner of the mall Fred also came with us, he sounded like Hugh Hefner and was a charming delightful old man
I ended up getting new shoes for the first time in 2 years, alot of T shirts including band tees that said: Joy Division, Minor Threat, David Bowie, The Germs, Flight of The Conchords, and Rocky Horror Picture Show, I got some MAC eyeliner, some cardigans from Forever 21, and some Manic Panic hairdye, I also got my sister MAC lipstick in Myth and my little brother some Ballin shades
any who here are some more songs Ive added to the site
No By The Subhumans
In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry
Money By The Flying Lizards
Mantaray By Siouxsie Sioux
Because The Night By Patti Smith
Ceremony By New Order
Head Over Heels By Tears For Fears
Mr. Tambourine Man By Bob Dylan
Cant Cheat Karma By Zounds
Queen Bitch By David Bowie
Everything Goes Numb By Streetlight Manifesto
Add It Up By The Violent Femmes

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Gladiator sandals (AD)

worst trend ever
and yes in the past I have tried certain trends, I am digging the fact that skinny jeans and leopard print are in because I love em so and I never knew where to find them before they got popular, so now I can buy em and wear em even when they go out of style, BUT THIS! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, Unless you have a rad tattoo or something dont show off your ugly ass ballsy janx feet in ugly ass ballsy janx shoes
and they make short people look shorter by visually cutting up the legs! SERIOUSLY!!!

Suicide isnt funny (AD)

R.I.P Chris (arm wrestling Brittany)

On a Punk forum Im part of I found out that this wonderful woman named Joan has a friend named Tracy whose son had died from suicide in April, just like my friend Chris who had killed himself in April, It got me crying and thinking about my friend Chris
he was an awesome bass player, and i am not just saying that either
he could always make you smile, when I came into school with botched bangs he said he loved them, one time he brought a baby snake to school in his jacket
he could talk his way out of anything he was so charming
I remember the first thing we ever talked about was Bad Brains, I left my Bad Brains tee at his service . one time at a show he had just shaved his head and he were laughing about how he looked like Ian Mckaye he was also smoking unfiltered cigarettes which still remind me of him. The thing is no one would ever suspect him as feeling pain on the inside, I was so shocked when I heard about it I was like "ARE YOU SURE YOU GOT THE RIGHT GUY?"
well I feel vunerable right now so Im going to drink chocolate milk till I puke

Monday, August 24, 2009

Strikes Again! (AD)

uhhhh lemme see, oh uh yeah, brothers first day of high school my first day of being a high school graduate that gets to sleep in late!
this weekend Applebees karaoke night with Brew, her sister, Audrey, and Maggie it was Rad, Randy Butt Sex (new name DirtRoad Randy) was there and he said that he was a fan of a song that me and Brew recorded and I was flattered as fuck, Me, Brew, and her sister Sars decided that we are going to start a band soon, I will do some vocals and harmonica I suppose and Brew on guitar I think Andrew will do drums the Bausch sisters and Audrey are fab singers and Sars will be manager, im not worried about the name yet, I cant afford college this semester so I think Folts and I are going to beauty school in January, speaking of Folts's shopping spree is this thursday so fucking excited!!!! well thats all for now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fab and Folk (AD)

(Ponyo's daddy is David Bowie)
saw Ponyo with Brew and my friend Jessica yesterday, it was too cute, I felt too pure and clean when I left the theater, Is it strange that the whole time I thought Ponyo's dad was David Bowie?
because I am totally convinced that when David Bowie fucks a mermaid they produce a Ponyo (at least that is the impression I got)
also I am teaching myself Harmonica.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Songs of the site (AD)

on our site you may notice the music player which has more than 55 songs on it, and shuffles, but I notice that it favors to play certain songs and gets redundant
here is a list of all the songs on here
  1. Fats Domino - Ain't That A Shame
  2. Attitude By The Misfits
  3. Munchausen By Proxy - Uh-huh
  4. The Devotchkas - Annihilation
  5. Surfin' Bird By The Cramps
  6. After The Fall By Klaus Nomi
  7. Doomsday By Discharge
  8. Flux Of Pink Indians-sick Butchers
  9. Flight Of The Conchords Ep 4 If You're Into It
  10. Love Will Tear Us Apart- By Joy Division
  11. Rancid - Tropical London
  12. Gravy Train - Sippin 40z
  13. Fuck The Pain Away By Peaches
  14. Nervous Breakdown By Black Flag
  15. Too Drunk To Fuck By Dead Kennedys
  16. Oh You Pretty Things By David Bowie
  17. Straight To Hell By The Clash
  18. Third Uncle By Bauhaus
  19. I Am Cliche By X-ray Spex
  20. The Germs - Lexicon Devil
  21. In My Eyes By Minor Threat
  22. Panic By The Smiths
  23. Debaser - Pixies
  24. Boxcar By Jawbreaker
  25. Stagger Lee By Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  26. Poison Girls: Pretty Polly
  27. That's The Way By Led Zeppelin
  28. El Scorcho By Weezer
  29. What It Feels Like. By Lola Ray
  30. Seven Deadly Sins By Flogging Molly
  31. The Dubliners & The Pouges - Irish Rover
  32. The Future Freaks Me Out By Motion City Soundtrack
  33. Evident Utensil By Chairlift
  34. Water Curses By Animal Collective
  35. Undertones - Teenage Kicks
  36. Agent Ribbons - The World Is A Cigarette
  37. American Wedding By Gogol Bordello
  38. Can't Seem To Make You Mine By The Seeds
  39. I Want To Break Free By Queen
  40. How Soon Is Now By The Smiths
  41. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out By The Smiths
  42. Running Up That Hill By Kate Bush
  43. These Days By Nico
  44. Unity By Operation Ivy
  45. T-rex / Cosmic Dancer By Various
  46. Unbeschreiblich Weiblich By Nina Hagen
  47. Movits - Fel Del Av GĂ„rden
  48. Nothing Compares To You By Sinead O'connor
  49. We're Gonna Fight By 7 Seconds
  50. Eek-a-mouse - Mouse In The House
  51. Top O' The Morning To Ya By House Of Pain
  52. Funhouse By Iggy Pop and The Stooges
  53. Sex Bomb By Spinnerette
  54. Cut Your Hair By Pavement
  55. Ha Ha Ha By Flipper
  56. Code Blue By T.S.O.L
  57. Teenage Love By Magic Wands

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cand-archy In the U.K (AD)

My step siblings just got back from Scotland, and they brought back enough Cadbury to choke a whore, My step siblings are Scottish and I am Irish so we know what bullshit Hershey is, its all about the Mars Bars baby!, They also brought back a Dalek action figure! (Im a minor Dr.Who fan, call me a nerd all you want but you need to watch more BBC America!) Well anyways heres some really shit camera phone pictures

Cadbury Flake, Twirl, Dairy Milk, and Buttons

Dalek action figure, THIS NERDS SO HARD!, I love it.

Some people on social networking sites are fuck faces (AD)

Have you ever signed on to facebook (of course you haven't your all too obscure and hipstery for that) and noticed that alot of people passive aggressively bitch in their statuses por ejemplo : Sally:Oh my god so sad :( and someone will foolishly comment on it saying "oh why sad Sally bear?" or "Aw there there" or some BS, the worst is people who post something like, Sally:Uhg Im so lame and dumb boo hoo and then the fished compliments come in "oh Sally you're such a young beautiful talented woman" or "you're Amazing!" thats usually about the time I comment "YOU'RE RIGHT YOU LAME AND DUMB! GO JACK OFF INTO A SOCK AND USE IT AS A HAND PUPPET!" Facebook is not a jungle gym for your angst!

Friday, August 14, 2009


START OF BET (pixie cut)

END OF BET (grew out into layers)

I WIN!, AND WE MADE ANOTHER BET!, the same bet except this time the wager is doubled so bring it on.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

wiggity wiggity wiggity whack AKA: how i hurt my integrity. (AD)

Ive been gone for a while as all two of you have noticed.
its because I have been in trouble, and grounded. I went to a show and was supposed to go to my friend T's house to drink and crash but instead M invited one of the bands that were at the show to her house to party so T said we would party there after the show then she would drive to her house when she sobered up.Fair enough I figured but no, The band M invited was a bunch of older dudes from New Jersey, One of them tried to hit on me even after I told him I was underage. SO down went the whiskey and beer and I was wasted. M got in a fight with one of the guys (which our friend C and his girl K broke up) I think to get back at her the guy called the cops because before I knew it an officer grabbed me and told me to sit on the pavement. I saw T get cuffed and then M struggled when she got cuffed yelling "FUCK YOU PIGS" or something like that. when it came to me I was crying I knew my mom was going to kill me. he asked me if I had an ID, my age, my name, address, number. I said no, I was a minor, AD (no not really), etc etc, I called him sir (I practically said sir every over word in my sentence because I was such a drunk cry baby, the cop asked me why I was crying, I said my mother was going to skin me alove, he said "dont worry we were all 17 once" all of a sudden I feel plastic in my mouth and start blowing and while its in my mouth I say "do you want my B.A.C sir?" he says "your a very smart girl, take deep breaths" and when he takes the breathalizer from my mouth I yell "I AM NOT A SMART GIRL!" but i guess compared to M's behavior I was fucking Einstein. Two cops laugh about something and I yell at them "ITS NOT FUNNY" even though I had no clue what they were laughing about. My heart stopped and combusted when my mom pulled up.
SOOOOO yeah my punishment consisted of getting up early and cleaning, and when she ran out of things to clean she made me do it all over again. Im just thankful that the cops were courteous, doing their jobs, and that they didnt arrest me, As for M and T they do have a record but they didnt get shit from their parents, which makes me a little bit bitter. Well my punishment is over and it wasnt as nearly as long as I thought it was going to be which is good, and all the house and yard work I was made to do during the punishment actually shed some fat off of me. So remember kids crime dosnt pay (dont get caught with dumbasses)