Friday, November 20, 2009

sorry I let you down (AD)

Tumblr stole all of my time, so find my shenanigans there

Friday, November 6, 2009


basically my job hunting might come to an end, I posted this in the PRD forum
"my sisters, boyfriend's, best friend works in the electronic department at Walmart and he is trying to hook me up with a job, Yeah I am grateful and all and I know I can't be picky but WALMART?!?! it just makes me sick the thought of having to kiss the asses of uneducated masses, the people who suffice off of mountain dew and KFC, the people with Nascar T shirts and crocs, where is the vomit emoticon?"
It makes my blood boil of the idea of having to be subordinate to jerks, at my old work a man called me bitch for not making his drink in 2 minutes!!!
and not to mention CORPORATE SWINE!!!!! RAAAAAAWR

Monday, November 2, 2009

I am not dead (AD)

I will give you a real post tomorrow, lately I have been really addicted to Tumblr, see you all tomorrow

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So Far..... (AD)

So far, life is kinda boring, Ive seen 2 movies this month, Where The Wild Things are and The Invention Of Lying, BOTH WERE FUCKING AWESOME, especially The Invention Of Lying, I laughed and cried during both of those movies, god I am pathetic, what is it Cry-tober?
Peach cut me some bangs, So this means 2 things, 1. I lost bet number two but its okay neither of us really cared AND 2.I love having bangs it was torture when they grew out during bet number one
Isn't she adorable with her magenta infused Do?(she used to be a model, I shit you not, she used to do run way stuff and she was offered to go to Milan, but she didn't really enjoy it so shes happy being a normal wacko person like me) and for some reason my teeth look gnashed and crooked in this picture ALSO Brew is dating Peaches older brother!, SO THE YOU TUBE VIDEOS! I use a camera phone, and I can only send videos under one minute so that's why the videos are short, also I sound like a weird man, and etc etc etc excuses, TODAY I SAW THAT THEY SOLD TANK GIRL IN A REALLY FAR AWAY MALL FROM ME!!! for all three of the TG graphic novels it would of cost me 45 bucks altogether and I didn't even have a penny, AHHHHHHRRRRGG!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I think I just might dress up like Zombie Chaplin and get drunk, but the moment the hat falls off people will think I am zombie Hitler, So I just might be a mighty boosh character