Saturday, July 18, 2009

All the titles I thought up for this post were too racist and or sexy (AD)

I have noticed that my crushes usually gravitate towards tattooed funny Irish guys with defined cheekbone and jaw structures, but that is not were the crush spectrum fails to extend (side note: why the fuck are crushes called crushes? seriosuly) So after watching alot of T.V last month there is a new breed of attractiveness, Indian dudes, Jay Chandrasekhar (SP?) and Aziz Ansari most def. I dont know what the fuck it is but every time I watch super troopers I want to stalk Jay. yeah yeah.
yeah and Human Giant is a funny ass show, I love you Aziz.

My love affair with hate . (AD)

Recently I've seen that my sarcastic, brash, and jovial post about Miley Cyrus got a lot of comments. No I do not really hate her, I am not a fan of her work, or her fathers, and I don't think she is the scapegoat for my modern day Disney bashing. I was trying to say that in the last decade that little girls role models have been flipped and so has the idea of Disney. Pepper in some sophmoric humour and you get perfectly trashy post. If you ask Brew, I dont take myself very seriosuly and I didnt take that post very seriously either. INFACT I dont know why I am seriosuly writing this post, maybe its because I'm so vain, I bet I think this song is about me , dont I?, dont I? dont IIIIII?!?! I dont call myself a Feminist because I dont really know all that much about it, and the movement, I just assume most of us can defy sterotypes and the double standard, sorry if I offended any serious Feminists. Everything aside, I do love hearing peoples opinions, even when they are jarringly against mine, (if your familiar with Henry Rollins, he also likes this sort of debate as well) so keep it coming I love hearing what you have to say whether you're a blogger or if you remain annoymous!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walk away me boy, Walk away me boy (AD)

Shit I am really too tired to recount all of yesterday but i shall do my best, here we go. So warped tour>Less Than Jake> saw Malia from PRD> really cute mohawk guy pointed at my patches and then pointed at his awesome unity tattoo> after i got out of the pit I lost all of my friends and I freaked out because I didnt have a phone on me> found them> got squished in Streetlight Manifesto> Anti Flag> circle pits>way too many fat crowd surfers> arms got tired> almost dropped a chick>my bandanna did not properly do its job so I spit mud (heh heh), when Anti Flag set ended some guy yelled at me because I text, Not because I was texting but that I text in general (fuck how else am I going to find my friends dude)>FLOGGING MOLLY> awesome many cute guys> tall Irish guy holding the flag of Ireland> I got to do some jigs when the songs got slow> after I talked to said Irish guy (he was such a sweetie) Im bummed I forgot his name, Brew and me and the others were wiped out so we drove to Sonic and spent forty dollars on food and slushies, got to Brews house, showerd, went to bed. THE END

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chicka Chicka BOW. (Brew)

(an excerpt from a note given to me by little miss alabaster circa 2006)

DEAR PANTS since I am going to hell i will need these items:

1. a pack of cigarettes no lighter needed since i will be burning internally forever

2. hitler stamps so i can "fit in"

3. a guitar so i can have a guitar feud for scraps of meat

4. a gerbil so i can trade them for ice packs (side note: lemmiwinks = ice pack)

5. hard liquor which is ironic because i'll already be feeling warm and fuzzy

6. dog biscuits because who doesn't need those

7. cornbread. there ain't nothing wrong with that

and i will also need a drunk secretary and a hole punch.

tomorrow, we will have various adventures in public-smoking-free northern counties. we are enthused and much on the verge of pissing ourselves with anticipation at the prospect.

heed these words: do not ever. never. nerver. neverino. wear flip flops to a mosh-friendly music festival. you should best leave the mini skirts at home, as well. that goes for you, too, ladies.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have I told you lately that i abhor you? (AD)

(Kathleen Hanna is giving Miley Cyrus the stink eye)
one word, Disney
whens the last time Disney made an actual animated film that made children aspire to be something other than an emotionally fucked rich It girl with over sized sunglasses? i remember wanting to be Pocahontas and singing along to Aladdin when i was little, I grew out of that regardless but thats because im a high school graduate not a kid who still wears pull ups and cuts the hair off of all their Barbies. Miley Cyrus I hope you have your 20 year old boyfriend fuck all of your horse teeth out of your mouth because I FUCKING HATE YOU, your teeth look like chicklets your eyes pop out of your head as well, you are a country star disguised as a pop star, AND THERE ARE MANY OTHER OBVIOUS REASONS WHY TO HATE HER, WHY DOES EVERYONE ASPIRE TO BE A PROSTITOT?, Id like to give every little girl a Bikini Kill cd and some Manic Panic, and to tell them to study and not worry about dating and glitter but its just not going to happen, the blind lead the blind i suppose.

Hahaha excellent (AD)

Made me laugh my ass off.

This is adorable as hell, not only is that a baby, but thats a baby that remembered a song in ENGLISH, props to you korean baby

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dye Dye Dye My Darling(AD)

Yes I made a bet with my friend Kathy that i could'nt go four months without cutting or dyeing my hair, the bet was made April first and it ends August first, I AM GOING TO WIN DAMN IT
I cant touch my hair so i spend my time doing others, por ejemplo, my friend Jolie, Her natural color is Blonde and has been her whole life, until i came along


AND THEN things got tricky and she wanted to go back to blonde while her hair was still dark after three months of me dyeing it with non permanent down brown dye, we only had drug store bleach and i didnt have any toner
needless to say it wasnt strong enough, BUT she loved it, she says it reminds her of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, what a happy accident, im going to call her Clementine now


if you think im the only one doing entries thats a fucking lie, Brew said she might write one tomorrow, ANYWAYS i tried bleaching jolies hair today but it ended up orange but her roots where platnium (what the fuck?) but it dosent look trashy. also i spent most of the day blowing bubbles with my 6 year old brother and watching Tattoo highway while eating swedish fish
holy shit thats really boring its not worth typing but i typed it all the same ANYWAYS(part 2)
heres who im interested in seeing at Warped
Anti Flag: seen them twice, i like how the unseen run a show but anti flag really isnt all that bad
Bad Religion:last time me and Brew saw them at warped is was so fucking crowded it wasnt even worth it, we stood on a hill listening to a few songs then walked away
Flogging Mollys: as an Irish girl it would be bullshit not to check out this awesome Irish punk band, im interested to see how they put on a show
Gallows: the thing is Brew says we like them and theyre good but i couldnt put a face on them when i saw the line up
LesstThanJake: Yay the band everyone listened to in my middle school isnt that bad
StreetlightManifesto: Im really fucking excited, streetlight was the first ska band that i really listened to
NOFX: they are whatever last time me and Brew saw them they kept on busting on this older dide that was wearing a pink hat

well im sure theres more but thatll do for now.
PLUS if anyone knows the schedule ahead of time please tell me, every year I scramble to find out what is where and how much time i have.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I fucking want this! (AD) and the origin of my pseudonym

Apparently i wasnt the first one to come up with my pseudonym Alabaster Disaster (which is sad because i thought i was hardcore original with thinking that up) but this shirt is rad and i must have it because I AM THE ALABASTER DISASTER PUNK!, The moniker acctually started after me and brew watched an episode of Flight of the Conchords and they had rapping names, so i chose this, its also like a punk name like Darby Crash or Johnny Thunders! to let you all know it dosnt stick with my friends who dont want to give me cool nick names or my family (who still call me Clo Cat sometimes uhg)

Will you marry me? (AD)

if there is ever a man that wants to marry me he has to be qualified, here are the qualifications:
1. must love dogs (NO not the movie you twat!) i love animals but dogs mostly, they fucking rock.
2. must have some type of job, look i dont care if you work as a pimp or if your fucking Rockefeller as long as you can support you myself and I then its all gravy.
3.must buy me jars of nutella and boots (none of that zipper shit they sell at hot topic REAL DOC MARTENS BOY!!!)
4. must love watching movies, I love movies and so you have to as well
5. MUST READ, this is important, i hate people who say shit like "whats a book heh heh" i love a reader mmmm sexy smart guys, but you cant be TOO smart, because then i would feel really dumb next to you, and im really terrible at math
6.must love concerts! music is a really big part of who i am i just love it and being a part of it, im going to Warped Tour next week with Brew and others!
7. must like tattoos and piercings, they really appeal to me and although they dont serve a medical purpose i like them because they appeal to me athestically, (although Brew has no piercings and shes my bestie ill let it slide)
8. must not hate a smoking boozehound, i have unhealthy habits for a teen, DONT JUDGE ME.
9. In addition to concerts MUST LOVE PUNK MUSIC MMMM YES!
10. must put up with my vegetarianism, LOOK i am not preachy at all and i dont care if you are a butcher or whatever man, as long as you dont tread on my diet
11. good sense of humour, laughing is a hobby of mine, dont dissapoint
12. must not dress like a douche bag, NO ARM SOCKS OR SIDEWAYS HATS OR ED HARDY RIDDLED TEES, OR GUYLINER (ugh i dont like that term) OR MESH TEES, OR GOTHY CHAIN PANTS.
13. must not be an asshole that does nothing but smoke weed all day, seriosuly its fucking annoying and i waste of time to be obbessessed with weed and bob marley like some 1990s frat boy, i smoke ciggerettes but i dont make it my life or goal, plus theres plenty of those assholes living around me anyways it gets old fast
14. must drive, im not walking to your house god damnit.
15. must put up with my changing DO, during the winter i had extentions, then i shaved the back of my head off, and last summer my hair was 5 different colors at different times, im pretty unprdictable, and i do what appeals to me, hair grows back.
16. must be open to being friends with my friends, if your anti social and hate parties and crowds of funny nice people then GET THE FUCK OUT.
17. must make an attempt at saying some words in a different language, other languages are rad, i only speak a little bit of spanish and im proud that i took the time to learn some, it comes in handy.
18. must love comic books (oh my where will i ever find a boy who loves comic books?)
19. dont kiss my hand, its fucking weird.
20. lastly must be honest, i fucking hate the pretention and mind games that comes with a relationship so STOP IT.

TOUCHING!!!...your self. (AD)

in my personal opinion i dont think its wrong for people to touch themselves, why? because its self release, love, and in a way expression, who knows you better than your self right?
i find it healthy and considerably a part of a humans sexual development. HOWEVA its not for me, im not going to lie, in the past i was pretty aggressive sometimes to the point where I would grab the first pierced face at a party and make out till my buzz wore off, since that was the case i considered self exploration to be a less awkward and healthier option, BUT it failed for me, i just couldnt do it and still cant, to each their own, its just not my cup of tea, like eating meat, i dont care if other people do but i dont drive that route, And before i really understood that porn stars are people too, i always thought porn was just bad actors having sex and there for it made me giggle. I still have an outlet though, its called PUNCHING PEOPLE IN THE FACE AT CONCERTS!, after that you are too tired to do jack shit anyways (who says jack shit anymore?) In conclusion if your going to pleasure town by yourself BE SAFE!, i was just reading a blog and a girl said while masterbating she though she got a brain anyurism (dont push yourself to hard i guess) and also we all know those urban legends where the girl accidently kills herself by shoving a broomstick up her snatch (shudder). happy cankle awareness week BTW!

NICO WAS A WHORE!, but an artist all the same (AD)

who am i to judge right? but Nico from the velvet underground sounds like a pretty terrible person, apparently she once injected her three your old son with heroin and gave Iggy Pop crabs, you have to be a huge whore to give Iggy Pop crabs. Granted I do like her songs "these days" and "Chelsea girl" and i admire her efforts for someone who was deaf in one ear (im partially deaf in my right ear) but frankly im not very admirable to the self proclaimed chanteuse.

this is what insomnia does (AD)

so its late, and theres nothing to do when its almost 4 in the morning (out of cigarettes, all my dvds suck and all of my good cds dispersed)
did you guys know Lou Reed liked to get shit on? and that when Danzig left the Misfits he was making millions of dollars off of Misfits merch while still living in his parents house? yeah, but i still like both of their music
you can be an asshole, just make sure your music is good first.

Monday, July 6, 2009

shit i almost forgot , some music(AD)

Brew makes a duh MUSIC! so heres her music site and i love it, more then any children i might have one day (im also the one screaming the song Love song)

and heres our friend Amanda, who can lip synch in french(not on her site but should be) she also likes PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave (listen to her song Love Eaten)

also theres this chick named Autry and shes crazy and cool and i dig her style and she also digs Tank Girl as well, she has catchy songs

As mentioned in the first entry (AD) and other youtube crack

in the first entry (written yesterday) i mentioned little Nell or Nell campbell whom plays Columbia in The Rocky Horror picture Show, she also released some music back in the day! (i assume 80s?)
if i could sing or talk like that i would constantly annoy my mother whilst wearing a shirt that says "i hate meat but love boys!" because its true, and it annoys her

My friend Ben showed me this video in April and ive been dying to share it, its so bizarre and creative

when i youtube me and my pre teen brother get addicted and find all sorts of videos, we laughed to pieces over this little video

who inspires AD fashionwise?

yes i get inspired, by people who will never know who the fuck i am, and i love it. so who inspires me? i mean all there are so many styles out there really and its interesting scope it out and think out of bounds people!

Skinhead girls, why? well because they look so bad ass and down to earth and bad ass at the same time , plus they rock the Chelsea! i rocked one in the winter but all anyone ever said was "why'd you shave the back of your head?" it got old fast

moving on pinup girls, why? because they look so sweet and charming , also with a mixing bowl full of sass

Gypsy! why? its so randomly put together that it works, like my favorite gypsy rockers Gogol Bordello and their lead man Eugene Hutz

and then thars me favrite, (sorry for the irish pirate talk) punk people, why? why not?

Oh and i almost forgot tank girl! yo amo! shes so great, anyhow theese arent the only decades/styles i like but im getting frustrated with the picture finding and posting so ENJOY THE PICTURES YOU SHITS, or CHOKE ON THEM! either way your fault for reading my amateur blog (thank you for reading it btw) :D

Oh and another thing.

have you ever noticed every time a girl gets out of a car she uses the window reflection like a mirror? i do it all the time, is it because im vain? no its because girls need to look awesome the moment they get out of a car

lets do the time warp, then get shock treatment.

welcome to Brew and Alabaster Disaster, I am Alabaster Disaster AKA AD and im the one creating this blog and forcing Brew into it with me because she probably has the most interesting things to say/type out of everyone i know, so pretty much this blog (never had one before) is going to start out as an experiment and hopefully end up interesting
anyways heres whats on my mind
everyone loves Rocky Horror Picture Show including me and i love Richard O,Brien and Patricia Quinn and most of all Little Nell (youtube her singing its great) who are all in it, they all happened to be in the lesser known Rocky Horror sequel Shock Treatment
i watched the whole movie on youtube the other day and wondered why i hadn't known of it sooner. its campy and eighties as hell but that's what makes it so great.
so anyways enjoy it, all ten parts are on youtube heres the first one.