Thursday, October 15, 2009

Como se dice "sexual harassment" y "obnoxious"? (AD)

(we pretty much behaved like these guys, but instead of raping and beating people we ate pizza)
Jess asked me to make a post elaborating on Sunday night dinner, in short I harassed everyone, First I pretended I was on an episode of super sweet sixteen and told the waitress that I was a princess, luckily she had a sense of humor, before I saw my friend Ben come into the restaurant I saw that he was wearing a Tye dye shirt so I yelled "WHATS UP LIEUTENANT FAG!" to which he just laughed, I asked the waitress if the male staff would give us all lap dances for my birthday, she brought one waiter to the back room and told him to dance, he just looked horrified and left. also Sarah and Nick wanted to leave the She Male Porn DVD as a tip, but I liked the pizza there so I told them not to.

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