Thursday, October 1, 2009

top 10 reasons why cold weather rocks (AD)

1uno) LAYERS, if you do not like layering your clothes you are a damn fool!, Ive got the multiple shirts and jackets with Docs rockin in the fall leaves and winter snow!, Me and Brew decidedly agreed on this one without debate. (I am not much of a stocking girl but I whole heartedly agree on the over usage of them in fall, I saw girls in leggings during the summer and I just thought they were trying too hard)

2dos)brighter darker makeup. Whats that? all the lipstick and bright shadows you were afraid to use during the summer are still on your shelf? well lucky you! Fall is the time of year you can wear a bland outfit and plaster on some red lipstick and plum shadow! (man I am a nerd) but it is true!

3tres) DRANKS, mmmm cocoa, black coffee, (peppermint shnapps) in fall you can drink cozy stuff and also drink stuff that makes you feel cozy (wink wink nudge nudge) its awesome to sit on a freezing deck wearing your layers and dark makeup while holding a huge mug of awesome.

4cuatro) All the bugs die!!! I have eczema and sensitive skin, bugs make it all worse with their crawling and biting and ECK, I was watching a DVD once and heard a digging sound, It was a bug BURROWING in my ear, AHHHHH. yeah in winter those things are busy dieing heh heh heh.

5cinco) Blankets, sounds lame but in summer it takes me forever to sleep because I am all sweaty and it feels like I am lying on a bed of hot coals, In winter you can put on some socks and snuggle into your cozy bed and tunnel into the blankets, plus you can save money on the electric bill by turning off the heat and snuggling into bed with your sweetheart.

6seis) HALLOWEEN, look if you hate candy, dressing up, making fake blood, being spooky, partying and all things fun then you must not like Halloween, I like it better than Christmas, because I dont have to be with my crazy alcoholic family instead I get to look like a Loon with my crazy alcoholic friends, and when a kid rings the bell, you stagger to the door to give them candy and the look on their face is precious, "and what are you for Halloween sweetheart?" "A power ranger" "YOU ARE FUCKIN RAD, DON'T EVER GROW UP!!!" siiiiigh the memories.

7siete) Pale is the new tan, In the summer all the girls slather on self tanner and hit the beach in hopes of getting melanoma as I hide out in the Arcade portion of the Boardwalk (actually I love to body surf and swim, But usually in the wee hours of the morning or before the sun goes down so I dont burn) In fall the Pale girls become royalty with their creme, porcelain, beige and dare I say ALABASTER complexions ( no offense to girls with naturally tan and dark skin but your season is summer babe)

8ocho)Local Shows, they rock in winter and fall, you can get all hot and mosh up a storm inside then step outside into the brisk air and it feels AMAZAZING!!!, not to mention all the interesting people standing outside for a smoke, i once had the Bassist from Jaguar Love (some band from New York) bum a cigarette from me as I stepped out of 9:30 Club ( the Faint were playing that night they were Rad)

9nueve) Bonfires! sure you have them in summer, but Burning shit in the cold seasons is much more fun and nostalsic, drinking hugging, acoustic music, camping, burning old text books, etc etc etc, In fact I am going to my friend Travis's 22nd B day party tomorrow night, its basically going to be what I just described, and theres Beer pong and he has a dog, (I am a sucker for animals, I hope the dog sleeps in my tent) (also dont get the impression that all I like to do is Binge drink, I can drink responsibly plus I do have a personality, so Its not like I drink to make an impression on any one)

10diez) Hair! you can dye your hair any color you want and have it last the whole season! why? because there is no hot sun, salt water, chlorine to make the color fade, on the reals, fall and winter are the best seasons to have red hair, since it is hard to maintain and last ( trust me copper heads, I have had red hair before and I feel you)

Well Tell me your favorite things about the cold seasons I am interested In hearing about it!

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