Monday, October 12, 2009

My New Tattoo (and other space oddities) (AD)

(sexy Bowie cake!) (very bad picture and the mirror reversed it but actually its upside down it says CCXXII)
yesterday was my birthday, me (mi?) madre gave me stamps and cardigans, I also got the following Items from the unbilogical clan: A sugar skull ashtray, A fine Cuban Cigar (we all tried to smoke it but it took forever so we stubbed it out and decided to save the rest for a rainy day), A bottle of Baileys, 2 Lotto tickets, Old Gregg water colors, A set of 7 Harmonicas, A she male porn DVD (yeah WTF guys?), Pygmy by Chuck Paliniuk (book), A pack of marlboro reds, 2 felt bats, A glorious tattoo (which I have a shitty picture of), and Brew made me a David Bowie cake

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  1. What is the significance of your tattoo? (I'm sure I should know, but I'm a little slow at the numerals). That cake rocks! It sounds like you made out with a good stash for your b-day, too!