Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Fight Sexism In Our Scene" topic (AD)

recently ( like a couple of weeks ago) on the PRD forum a topic was posted called "fight sexism in our scene"
let me start by saying I don't live in Chicago, I am not a Feminist because I am more of a libertarian (I focus more on rights as a whole not really as a gender) nor have I ever come in contact or witnessed the "Chi-town 77" but this problem is universal, men having a problem with girls at concerts or in the punk scene solely because of their gender or opinions, it does need to stop, its obnoxious, juvenile, and completely fucking lame. here is what some of the posters had to say
IrishAbsinthe:"Chicago ladies, and ladies everywhere else.
I'd had it up to fucking here. I've had it up to here with girls being treated like fucking meat, with girls who aren't fighters getting punched by men who want to shut them up (Chi-town 77) and by fuckwads taking advantage of drunk girls at parties. I don't want to be subjugated in my scene anymore. I don't want other girls who might not know how to stand up for themselves to be. So what do we do? Maybe I have this mother hen instinct to protect young girls in the scene from this bullshit, no matter how much my personal ties might conflict with theirs or whatever, but I am just plain tired of all this bullshit. Maybe we should write a zine or something? Handing it out at shows it effective because I've never known a punk to just drop a zine on the ground. It's interesting and its memorabilia, so its effective.Maybe I should start handing out fliers at shows with this sweet ass hand drawn "fight sexism in our scene" drawing. Maybe I just start pulling girls aside and talking to them about their experiances and writing it down. Maybe we should start a fucking girl band like i've been wanting to do forever. Amanda, Molly, Meg, do any of you play intruments? I sing like a motherfucker.Excuse the late night ramblings but im kind of off my rocker currently and I am tired of hearing about another girl whos party got crashed and she got beat up or pee'd on just because she was a girl who dared to open her mouth."

ugh in our scene almost any girl either has to put out, or be a bitch, to get in. Sometimes if you are awesome enough the guys wont taunt you :/yeah, it goes abot 50/50 because a lot of girls want the "quick way" in, and have no self respect. They also dont last very long... because they think being a slut is what it's all about.

I mean, honestly, girls ask for it sometimes. Either by saying some shit to a guy, or picking a fight with one, thinking that they're 'omgz tuff' because they know they won't get hit back. I'm not saying that these girls should get their asses kicked, but it's asinine to expect guys to take their shit. Pulling the 'sexism' card won't help either."

hmm.. i was raised up with it being almsot like a gang.. but i dont remember shitheads targetting girls. I mean im all for solidarity that came with being in our crew. more so than some lame kid suddenly professing themselves a punk and showing up to shows. It didnt happen like that you had to prove your worth.. but i never had to deal with straight up retardation like 77 bullshit... thats just yeah."

Geminta : "Something my Granny used to tell me was that "if the girls wouldn't, the boys couldn't." Essentially, if the females did not allow themselves to be treated in this manner, it simply would not happen."

MeritaViola: "It gets a bit difficult to push back when there are 10 or so of them.
And with club security.. what are they gonna do? Toss 'em on the street? Ok, sure. But then what? Then folks are just supposed to magically get home safe and sound?
As for protecting yourself... meh, there's only so much you can do beyond staying with your friends (particularly if they look strong, haha) They don't really target people who are smarter than them, or look like they can take care of themselves. Pretty typical of this kind of attitude, people being picked on are mainly people who are
1. new and eager to make friends in the scene (yes, there are brown nosers in punk, too)
2. small or otherwise unable to really do anything to protect themselves (drunk, alone, young, etc..)
3. stupid or have submitted to the idea that men can treat women like crap.
yea.... bullying is super manly."

wwwwwwwwwwwhat is your opinion on this? if you have anything to add feel free to comment and discuss, even lurkers and annoymous readers can comment and contribute.

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